Intuit’s TurboTax CPA Select

Intuit’s TurboTax CPA Select

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Intuit has announced a new online service, utilizing TurboTax CPA Select. This service will connect local businesses with a skilled CPA to file their taxes.

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Intuit, a software company best known for their software Quickbooks as well as TurboTax 2013 & quicken have announced a brand new tax service for this years tax season. Turbotax CPA select is meant to get local businesses in touch with tax professionals to help them prepare and file their taxes. With this new services, the owners will know exactly how much the cost of their taxes are before they get filed.

This service will be available to customers first at conventions in January that will showcase a myriad of new products offered by Intuit.

The service is quite simple, local businesses owners will be allowed to browse a selection of qualified CPAs, these CPAs will have profiles that explain their experience and offer testimonials from other customers. The owner then submits documents to the professional and are given an estimate on the cost of taxes, if the owner accepts the bid they are filed away with no hassle.

This online service is available for both small businesses as well as free lancing individuals who may need some extra help navigating tax code. Since the service takes place all online the users can efficiently get their taxes taken care of without ever leaving their office to seek help. Not only do they save time, but they are also very likely saving money. Often times a CPA can find additional places to save money that the business owner is not aware of.

Plans for this new service begin at the low price of $89.95. With glowing recommendations from sites like this new service is sure to be a hit for intuit, adding to their long line of successful finance products.

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