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TurboTax Military Edition – The right support for junior military personnel

TurboTax Military Edition

If you’re working in the military, then it’s quite obvious that you’d expect some breaks given how hard you work. You know best of all how difficult life can get when choosing military service. The kind of sacrifices you make for the country and that too after leaving your families behind is anything but easy. It’s indeed a tough life and as a token gesture for this immense duty you’re doing to the nation and its citizens TurboTax has announced a very special TurboTax Military Edition.

This particular Turbo Tax Military Edition has been specifically designed for junior military personnel. It’s special because now all servicemen and women who rank between E-1 to E-5 shall now be able to file their taxes for free including through the extensions. This well extends to the middle of October, 2013. Moreover, those officers who happen to rank between E-6 to E-10 can also go ahead and file for a reduced fee.

  • The foundation of TurboTax and its coming into existence

It’s not just like that that the TurboTax Military Edition came into existence. This particular edition was created by active military personnel and their spouses. These are retired personnel who’re reserved in nature but haven’t failed to identify the tax debt related problems faced by junior military personnel. These problems aren’t always easy to tackle and definitely not welcome to people who’re doing all they can for the nation.

Photo by ** RCB **

Photo by ** RCB **

  • The tax debt related problems faced and its solutions

There can be a bizarre number of tax problems which can soon amount to debt. Now, with the national economic scenario as it is, it’d definitely not be an encouraging situation to see the military personnel of the country neck deep in tax debt. Moreover, piling up on tax debt can destabilize any one any day and as military personnel stability at the financial end is more than just required. There are quite a few probable solutions when you rack up tax debt, be it debt settlement or an Offer in Compromise or a payment extension plan. You could also opt for installments. However, all this hassle can be easily avoided now that the TurboTax Military Edition is here.

  • The TurboTax Military Edition helps you avoid tax problems

With the TurboTax Military Edition you actually get access to programs that can walk you through military-related tax issues and situations. These include uniform deductions and PCS, state of residence, and more. Most importantly, this particular program effectively distinguishes between combat pay and basic pay.

  • The manner in which TurboTax generally works

You might be a tad confused about how exactly the TurboTax program works. It’s really easy. In fact, it’s said to work like an interview wherein you begin by answering easy questions and then you go on to fill the right tax forms and that too behind the scene. It depends on what you answer for it’ll reveal which are the deductions and credits you actually need. Most importantly, you’ll get thorough guidance and step by step instructions that’ll help you through your taxes. You’ll also be readily informed about every deduction and credit that applies to you.

District Court Rules That The TurboTax Ads Can Continue To Run

District Court Rules That The TurboTax 2013 Ads Can Continue To Run

The recent TurboTax 2013 ads/television commercials focused on the accounting experience of the TurboTax 2013 staff while also pointing out the lack of experience of tax preparers from other major tax preparation companies. These ads sought to undermine the credibility of tax professionals from other companies by claiming that these professionals worked in plumbing and retail jobs outside of tax season. An outraged H&R Block went to court over the issue. They made several valid points about the ads, but ultimately, the district court ruled in favor of allowing the TurboTax 2013 ads to continue to air.

TurboTax 2013 Ads

2011_02_12 (Photo credit: DennisSylvesterHurd)

The United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri ruled on the advertising case, and the court decided that the adverts were legal. H&R Block was not mentioned in any of the Intuit TurboTax 2013 ads but they are the company’s biggest competitor. However, it was implied within the ad that they were focused on H&R Block preparers as well as a couple other popular tax preparation store’s employees. When arguing against the advertisements, H&R Block made claim that the TV ads were unfair, and they presented a number of points around that issue.

The ads claimed that the employees of major tax companies only worked in the accounting industry during tax season, and they claimed that these professionals worked in other industries during the rest of the year. In fact, H&R Block does hire tax professionals who also work in outside industries throughout the year, but they train these individuals to prepare, sign, and file taxes to a great degree. Many of the professionals who work there are not accountants.

In spite of the fact that a number of the ad’s claims were true, H&R Block stated that the ads undermined people who work two jobs during the year, and that the ads sought to diminish the intelligence of people who work in the plumbing and retail industries. The tax preparer further claimed that the ads understated the reality of how much experience most of their employees have. According to the tax giant, the average person who has their taxes filed by H&R Block gets to work with a professional who has ten years of experience in the industry.

The TurboTax 2013 ads created pictures of tax professionals who were under-trained, underprepared, and under experienced. At the same time, these ads highlighted the experience of the TurboTax 2013 staff. Their staff, TurboTax claimed, were all certified accounts with years of experience. In retort, H&R Block pointed out that Intuit TurboTax had never actually prepared a single tax return while they had prepared millions face-to-face over the last sixty years of their history.

Ultimately, this was a battle between a tax preparation company and a tax software company. As people change how they approach taxes, more battles like this may occur. However, the district court ruled that the TurboTax 2013 ads were not harmful to H&R Block in any way that was illegal, and thus, tax payers may see more ads like this in the future.

Tax Preparation Reviews

Tax Preparation Reviews

TurboTax has always been very popular and a best selling tax preparation product. Clients continue to use TurboTax every year as it is easy to use. The reasons are very obvious; Turbo Tax directs you through the entire process step by step with frequent popup and assistance tips easing the process for you at your own ease and pace. One can work on the return any time during day or night, and also do it in go, or come back and continue after a few minutes here or there.

Tax Preparation Reviews

Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

H&R Block is another leading and top selling product in tax preparation; that has built its own reputation on popularity, reliability and simplicity. Thousands of people use H&R Block to prepare their State and Federal tax returns each year as they trust the professionals. Some features include Tax Tips, along with a great knowledge center that offers useful information on how to increase your tax refund. A free Tax Calculator and a Tax Estimator for various purposes helping you to compute your tax figures easily. Online help from the H&R Block professionals is at your fingertips at any point of time, and uncomplicated forms with step by step assistance ease you through the tax return process.

TaxSimple is yet another tax return software that has constantly served the very financial industry. Their aim has always been to offer world-class tax return software services and solutions to meet all the income tax requirements. Each and every TaxSimple package represents an exclusive approach of managing financial data and tax with an utmost level of productivity.

CompleteTax is also a quick and simple way to prepare your taxes online. Developed typically for do-it-yourself taxpayer, it is one of the Internet-based programs that prepare both federal as well as home state income tax returns for you, with free e-filing.