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Free Taxcaster App By TurboTax

Free Taxcaster App By TurboTax

Free Taxcaster App By TurboTax

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For Android devices,Taxcaster by Turbotax:

You can get a free Taxcaster app by Intuit Turbotax for your Android tablet or phone with the recently released product from Intuit.

Here’s how you can download your free app to your Android phone, etc.

1. First go to the Google Play page to get your free Taxcaster app from TurboTax after a quick search for the application’s name.

2. Then push the Install button. And then open after the application is installed on your phone.

This is a description of TurboTax 2013 Taxcaster can do for you:

You can use this free app to get an estimate on your phone for your 2012 Federal tax refund (for the 2013 calendar year) no matter where you are in the United States.

It could not be easier to estimate where you stand before you begin your tax return. You simply enter in your information and watch your refund start to add up. This free app uses the same tax calculator used by the TurboTax online and downloadable versions.

Know what your taxes are before you start to file.

You can get an estimate to figure out what your taxes will be before you have to file that tax return, adjust your with-holdings so you have higher take-home pay, or plan so that you are paying less for taxes. This would also be a great way to know if you should file quickly to get a refund or hold-off until the end of the season in case you owe money.

Intuit’s TurboTax CPA Select

Intuit’s TurboTax CPA Select

Intuit has announced a new online service, utilizing TurboTax CPA Select. This service will connect local businesses with a skilled CPA to file their taxes.

Intuit's TurboTax CPA Select 2013

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Intuit, a software company best known for their software Quickbooks as well as TurboTax 2013 & quicken have announced a brand new tax service for this years tax season. Turbotax CPA select is meant to get local businesses in touch with tax professionals to help them prepare and file their taxes. With this new services, the owners will know exactly how much the cost of their taxes are before they get filed.

This service will be available to customers first at conventions in January that will showcase a myriad of new products offered by Intuit.

The service is quite simple, local businesses owners will be allowed to browse a selection of qualified CPAs, these CPAs will have profiles that explain their experience and offer testimonials from other customers. The owner then submits documents to the professional and are given an estimate on the cost of taxes, if the owner accepts the bid they are filed away with no hassle.

This online service is available for both small businesses as well as free lancing individuals who may need some extra help navigating tax code. Since the service takes place all online the users can efficiently get their taxes taken care of without ever leaving their office to seek help. Not only do they save time, but they are also very likely saving money. Often times a CPA can find additional places to save money that the business owner is not aware of.

Plans for this new service begin at the low price of $89.95. With glowing recommendations from sites like mint.com this new service is sure to be a hit for intuit, adding to their long line of successful finance products.

Free TurboTax For All Of Your Tax Needs

Free TurboTax 2013/2014/2015 For All Of Your Tax Needs

Tax season is never a fun time of year, but it comes once a year and it can’t be ignored. Sometimes taxes can seem like they are very difficult, and they can be, but with free Turbo Tax 2013/2014/2015 taxes can be simple. Federal Free Turbo tax is a program that you can find online. You do not have to even download, a program, just navigate to free Turbo tax and get going.

free turbotax photo

This program is a unique program in that while free, there are some options you can pay for if you need more advanced options such as when you own your own business or you have investments. However, these programs are much less than what you would pay for an accountant and this program acts pretty much like a free accountant.

With this program you will be guided through every step of the way. From personal information to business related information Turbo Tax has it all.

At the end of the online program when you have completed all the steps, the free program will guide your through a process that makes sure that you have completed everything. The turbo tax program will also go through a mandatory check to make sure that you are not going to get audited. The program will take you through the steps that might be a problem and allow you to fix them before you turn in your tax return.

When the Federal Free TurboTax 2013/2014/2015 return is done, you can choose to mail it in or have the program enter it for you. Whatever the choice, you can be sure the results will be accurate.

TurboTax System Requirements

TurboTax 2012 System Requirements

TurboTax2012 System Requirements

Day 56 – Tax Time (Photo credit: absoblogginlutely)

Filing Tax is one of the tedious tasks to accomplish. However, since a last few years, there has been a change in the process. Nowadays, millions of users are filing their taxes online. It is cheap, fast and simple. Various online tax software options are out there in the market. However, TurboTax 2012/2013/2014/2015 exemplifies the benefits, as compared to other options.

Turbotax 2012 is specifically designed to meet up the requirements of your tax situation. The 2012 versions are –

  • Basic
  • Deluxe
  • Premier
  • Home & Business
  • Business

Normal Filers can use the Deluxe Edition. A person who owns a home, have a family, life change or medical expenses come under normal filer category. People having some properties or investments can consider the Premier edition; whereas Business edition is suitable for business owners. A free edition of the program is also available. You can use it for simple tax returns.

How to get the software?

You can easily download the application online or buy it in retail stores as boxed software. TurboTax is quite affordable. The interface is good with completely straightforward process. The software itself guides you from the start of your tax return to finish.

Let us have a look at the minimum requirements to install TurboTax 2012 software on a Windows computer.

Minimum System Requirements –

  • Operating systems-
    • Windows 8 (64-bit and 32-bit) or
    • Windows XP (32 bit) Pro/ Home with Service Pack- 3; or
    • Windows 7 (64bit and 32-bit); or
    • Windows Vista (64 bit and 32-bit) Ultimate/ Home Basic / Business/ Home Premium; or
  • Processor – 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or faster processor
  • Administrative rights are needed to install and run TurboTax.
  • RAM 512 MB of RAM
  • Monitor 800×600 screen resolution (recommended 1024×768)
  • ICD-ROM Drive 2X CD-ROM drive
  • Internet Connection
  • Third-Party Software Microsoft .NET 4
  • 56Kbps modem
  • Printer – Any Windows-compatible laser or inkjet printer
  • Adobe Reader 8

All in all, you can enjoy benefits of TurboTax 2012 by using above mentioned software and system requirements.