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Comparison between the Cost of TurboTax and other Online Tax Services

It is finally the right period of the year for tax filing, and therefore time for individuals to decide how they want their taxes filed. A person who prefers to prepare their tax return rather than use an accountant or a tax preparation chain like H&R have most likely come across TurboTax 2014. This is among the most desirable online tax services so definitely many users will be using TurboTax2014 software. But how does its prices compare to those of other online tax services?

TurboTax 2014
Whether a customer wants to file a 1040EZ or is interested in something more complex or to file for their little businesses, TurboTax 2014 has a solution. It offers free federal tax preparation for simple returns and three other additional packages. Those other packages are the deluxe, premier and home and business at $29.99, $49.99 and $74.99 respectively. In addition to this, their customers also get free online and phone chat.

As much as TurboTax 2014 and 2013 Taxes deluxe version costs slightly more than twice compared to similar services by their competitors, they offer a refund bonus for customers to make up for the extra cost. They offer the customers an option to get all or part of their refund back on an amazon gift card.

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TaxACT undercuts TurboTax by at least half in terms of the software prices. A person using TaxACT will not pay nearly as much as one using TurboTax if they have to file an additional state. TurboTax costs $36.99 per state while for TaxACT only $5 is paid for an extra state is added. Although TurboTax is better if an individual is expecting the amazon gift card bonus and also if they want a large return, if the deductions are calculated in the beginning of the year so that they have to pay a little then TaxACT will certainly save them a significant amount of money. It also has applications on Google play store and apple app store that help check the status of the returns.

TaxSlayer is much cheaper than TurboTax and offers two paid services namely the classic edition and the premium edition at $12.95 and $32.95 respectively. With the most expensive choice, a customer is able to receive live tax advice but all the other services inclusive of the free edition offer free phone support. As much as TaxSlayer is cheaper than the TurboTax service, it is slightly more expensive than TaxACT at $14.95. It does not have a policy that gives back additional money.

Free Taxcaster App By TurboTax

Free Taxcaster App By TurboTax

Free Taxcaster App By TurboTax

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For Android devices,Taxcaster by Turbotax:

You can get a free Taxcaster app by Intuit Turbotax for your Android tablet or phone with the recently released product from Intuit.

Here’s how you can download your free app to your Android phone, etc.

1. First go to the Google Play page to get your free Taxcaster app from TurboTax after a quick search for the application’s name.

2. Then push the Install button. And then open after the application is installed on your phone.

This is a description of TurboTax 2013 Taxcaster can do for you:

You can use this free app to get an estimate on your phone for your 2012 Federal tax refund (for the 2013 calendar year) no matter where you are in the United States.

It could not be easier to estimate where you stand before you begin your tax return. You simply enter in your information and watch your refund start to add up. This free app uses the same tax calculator used by the TurboTax online and downloadable versions.

Know what your taxes are before you start to file.

You can get an estimate to figure out what your taxes will be before you have to file that tax return, adjust your with-holdings so you have higher take-home pay, or plan so that you are paying less for taxes. This would also be a great way to know if you should file quickly to get a refund or hold-off until the end of the season in case you owe money.

Business Owners Leaving California Due To High State Taxes

Bailing On California Due To High State Taxes

Many top-earning residents in California are ready to leave for good due to the excessive taxes they are required to pay. From winery owners in Napa Valley to popular sports figures, high-income residents who have been loyal to “The Golden State” are simply fed up.

Business Owners Leaving California Due To High State Taxes

English: Napa_Valley_Photo_D_Ramey_Logan If used outside of Wikipedia please credit Photographer: D Ramey Logan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golfer Phil Mickelson has openly voiced his feelings about the issue and did not hesitate to disclose that he has considered leaving California, although he later regretted being so vocal. Other top earners are also speaking out about their plans to leave the state, and these residents have plenty of options that will be much easier on their pockets.

The southern state of Texas is a very attractive option for many high-income residents of California. The income-tax rate in this state is zero, which is a huge difference from the excessively high 13.3% tax rate that the top-earning residents in California are required to pay.

Nevada is another option that many California residents  are considering. According to Nevada accountant George Ashley, his office has recently received over one-hundred inquiries from residents of California who want to know the tax advantages of relocating from California to Nevada.

This increase in state taxes will have the greatest impact on individuals or families earning $250,000 yearly. They are already required to pay 62% of the states income tax, and this increase will lead to them paying much more, which is why many residents want to bail.

Many blame Proposition 30 for this dramatic change in California’s tax laws, and top earners of the state simply believe that increasing their taxes is simply unfair. Many residents have already bailed, according to Fox News. Although those being interviewed chose to remain anonymous, they were very vocal about their frustration with paying excessively high taxes.

According to tax experts, many more residents are likely to leave the state by the year 2014. Some are still trying to figure out how to relocate legally without completely cutting ties with California State.

Free TurboTax For All Of Your Tax Needs

Free TurboTax 2013/2014/2015 For All Of Your Tax Needs

Tax season is never a fun time of year, but it comes once a year and it can’t be ignored. Sometimes taxes can seem like they are very difficult, and they can be, but with free Turbo Tax 2013/2014/2015 taxes can be simple. Federal Free Turbo tax is a program that you can find online. You do not have to even download, a program, just navigate to free Turbo tax and get going.

free turbotax photo

This program is a unique program in that while free, there are some options you can pay for if you need more advanced options such as when you own your own business or you have investments. However, these programs are much less than what you would pay for an accountant and this program acts pretty much like a free accountant.

With this program you will be guided through every step of the way. From personal information to business related information Turbo Tax has it all.

At the end of the online program when you have completed all the steps, the free program will guide your through a process that makes sure that you have completed everything. The turbo tax program will also go through a mandatory check to make sure that you are not going to get audited. The program will take you through the steps that might be a problem and allow you to fix them before you turn in your tax return.

When the Federal Free TurboTax 2013/2014/2015 return is done, you can choose to mail it in or have the program enter it for you. Whatever the choice, you can be sure the results will be accurate.