TurboTax Raises Millions For The Military

TurboTax Raises Millions For The Military

This year Intuit, the parent company of TurboTax, raised two million dollars through its Mission 2 Match fundraiser. With this program, TurboTax offered people the opportunity to pledge money for Operation Homefront, an organization that provides emergency financial help and other support to military families.

TurboTax Raises Millions For The Military
US Navy 061127-N-5459S-019 Personnel Specialist 3rd Class Yahaira Pou helps her niece Alexia design and create a personal Christmas stocking during Operation Christmas at the Army National Guard Armory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As of April 15, 2013, individual donations amounted to over one million dollars, which Intuit has matched, resulting in a two million dollar gift to Operation Homefront.  This amount is still rising, however, since the Mission 2 Match fundraising continues. Currently donations can still be made at , so the final total may be much greater than the current balance.

This effort to support US troops has resulted in donations of money, food, home repairs, household items, baby supplies, and transitional housing to families of American military members, relieving some of the pressure on US patriots serving around the world.  Our military personnel cannot fully function if they know their families are lacking basic necessities, so Operation Homefront tries to fulfill these needs.

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The success of Mission 2 Match was twofold: It raised millions for military families, and it created great press for Intuit and TurboTax.  Considering the success of this program, Intuit will probably continue it for the foreseeable future, which will benefit both the company and military families.

TurboTax has been highly successful in its effort to support US troops while involving their clients and potential clients in this fundraising endeavor. Commerce and patriotism do not always mix, but, in this case, TurboTax has successfully combined the two in the 2013 Mission 2 Match program.

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