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You will find different steps for different devices explaining how to do a  TurboTax login. However, both devices (computer and mobile) will help you a lot in filling in your tax forms, filing your taxes and getting a return of your tax money. You do not have to worry about the income calculations you need or the deductions from your income. All will be controlled and managed by the Turbo Tax software if you have already signed up. Turbo tax log in will be so helpful in wherever you are if you get online.

However first of all, you have to register yourself in Turbo Tax by signing up (use the links above). If you do not have the software or application, the first step you have to do is downloading the software or application on your computer or mobile phone. It is easier by using the mobile phone, as many have discovered this year. As you just need to go to the Google play store and type the application name of Turbo Tax, you can get it on your mobile phone in minutes. Once the application is on your phone, you just use it,  there’s no need to install. It will be different when you use your computer. First, you need to download the software Turbo Tax from the internet and save it to your computer. Once you finish downloading, you have to install the software which can take several minutes or up to a half an hour. When you sign up by using the computer, you also need to complete several data forms about yourself.

My TurboTax Login: https://myturbotax.intuit.com/
TurboTax Account Recovery Page: https://myturbotax.intuit.com/account-recovery/

After all is done, you can access the Turbo Tax application. The good news is that you do not need the Internet when you work on your taxes on the computer. Only software updates and e filing require a connection.  You just complete the entry of your tax data offline on your computer without an internet connection.  When you do need the Internet is when you access your Turbo Tax data through a mobile phone. However, the next step to complete your tax file, you need to capture your W-2. W-2 is a form of wages and tax payments you have to submit to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) along with the tax file. You can snap a photo of your W-2 and directly verify your data in the tax file. The photo snap will not waste any of your time. You need to click on ‘send me text’ and it will help you to get the link of your W-2 and complete your tax file. Once it is done, you can send it to IRS. This feature is only available on your mobile phone which has the capability to use snap photo. A computer does not have it.

When you install Turbo Tax in your computer, you need to consider several things whether your computer has these programs or not. Your Windows OS on your computer has to be supported, there has to be enough hard disc space, minimum 1 GB RAM and the processor needs to be sufficient. This is different from the mobile phone, you have to think only about the amount of space for downloading the Turbo Tax app. Well, actually this will be the early step when you decide to finally have the software or application in your computer or mobile phone

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