Majority Of Americans Against Cheating On Taxes

Majority Of Americans Against Cheating On 2013 Taxes

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Each year as tax time rolls around we are forced to take a hard look at our financial records and situations.  Some of us are happy at this time of year as we know we will be receiving a refund from the Internal Revenue Service.  Others are not as happy as they know they will owe the IRS money.  With the IRS only auditing a mere one percent of all individual tax returns each year, it can be tempting to cheat on your taxes in an effort to not owe as much money to the federal government or to receive more money back.

Cheating On 2013 Taxes
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If your own ethics and morals do not stop you from cheating on your tax return, perhaps a little peer pressure will.  A recent random telephone poll conducted by the IRS Oversight board shows that 87 percent of American adults feel that is it never okay to cheat on your taxes.  Most respondents felt that personal integrity was their number one reason for being honest and not cheating on their taxes.  Only 11 percent of respondents felt it was okay to cheat a little bit or sometimes on 2013 taxes.  As the same tax laws apply to all Americans, most Americans feel we all need to play by the rules.

Even if you intentionally choose not to cheat on your 2013 taxes, sometimes errors and omissions do occur.  Sometimes the unintentional errors and omissions benefit you, and sometimes they benefit the IRS.  Using a tax program, such as TurboTax, on your 2013 taxes can maximize the accuracy of your tax return.  Computer tax programs that you can use in the convenience of your own home and on your own time schedule are less expensive and more convenient than hiring an accountant to do your taxes.  Computer tax programs like TurboTax walk you through everything you need to know and consider when doing your 2013 taxes.  Using TurboTax can potentially even help increase the amount of your tax refund.  Increasing the accuracy of your tax return can also reduce the chances that you will be audited.

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2 thoughts on “Majority Of Americans Against Cheating On Taxes”

  1. Personally, I don’t think ‘cheating’ is worth the risk. If the IRS come after you and find you’ve been less than honest, they’ll hit hard. Better to make use of the many legitimate ways available to reduce your tax bill (e.g. make sure you‘re claiming every deduction that‘s available to you).

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  2. I am glad that most Americans are opposed to cheating on their taxes. I agree that it is immoral to cheat. Not to mention, one could get into legal trouble for intentionally cheating on their taxes. They could face heavy fines or even jail time.

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